Leibster Award

Thank you Yuvi’s blog for nominating me for this beautiful award. She writes, paints, sketches and is upto lot of things. Writes and draws on any/every topic. Versatile she is. What is Leibster Award? Leibster in German means sweetest, kindest and lovely. It was created in 2011 and it is given by bloggers to other bloggers whom…

Active award

Thank you thatgirlforeverblog for nominating me for and creating this sweet award. The rules for the nominees are: Blog it on your blog Tag the one who nominated you Nominate other blogs Now the tough part. My nominees are: Esthers blog Yuvi’s blog mylocalweb mysteriesoflife pravarthika’s log justbrittanymoments subashinimeenakshisundaram Be active as usual!

The Veiled reality

Our meetings became more steady and our friendship- closer.
Accompanying strange and confusing things, why I wonder!…