The Veiled reality

*Credits to the uploader for the image.

We dashed on the corridor and that’s how we met,

Books down, pens on the floor and our friendship was set.

A stranger she was; with a face: veiled and a voice: quite familiar,

But since the accident last month, my mind hasn’t been clear.

In the tennis court, we met again,

Played on; until our legs were in pain.

Few days passed and we met again in the bus stand.

Amidst a wet crowd and a few umbrellas, we had our ice-cream in that bad weather.

Something told me it wasn’t our first ice-cream together.

People looked at me as if I had done a crime,

But all I had was a good time.

Our conversations weren’t interrupted, frequently

Until, my bus came and people started moving, abruptly.

As soon as I sat on my seat, I looked out of the window to spot her,

Sadly she wasn’t there.

With a shrug, my brain diverted its route as before,

Whereas a fresh strawberry ice-cream was seen lying on the floor.

Our meetings became more steady and our friendship- closer.

Accompanying strange and confusing things, why I wonder!

During my exams, i didn’t see her anywhere,

And while searching in register her name was nowhere.

One night, in my room, out of nowhere she suddenly appeared,

And I got a memory which before I could recollect suddenly disappeared.

She confessed that she had an injury and hence needed rest badly,

As a result, she had to discontinue her tennis sadly.

Making her meet my parents became an impossible feat,

She was too busy and ill to meet.

A few weeks later we went to a cage. It was too good.

As we were leaving I heard someone complaining about wasting food.

I had my monthly checkup early,

And since her arrival, I have been watched closely.

At times, she was invisible; I felt

or maybe she was just too reserved, I dwelt.

We were speaking of some movies and were beaming,

And suddenly, people started screaming.

In a flash, our bus met a collision,

Prior to which, she disappeared from my vision.

As I got up, my head hurt badly,

As I started to recollect the accident, my memories became to blurry.

My companion, as it seems wasn’t found,

And on further inquiry, presently there wasn’t anyone like her around.

The happening became way beyond my understanding

On my parent’s arrival, I knew it was all a misunderstanding.

Her sudden presence, absence everything was my imagination.

She was my childhood friend, whose death had led me to depression.

I soon pass out due to the dilemma,

And a small voice said “Schizophrenia”…

(Dedicated to 2 of my close friends…)


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  1. An amazing poem filled with innocence. Loved it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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