A Simple Weekend

*Credits to the uploader for the image.

The water penetrated each boulder, stone and anything that came in its way blocking its path. As the water moved away from the impact region, it slowed down and almost came to a standstill.

The children removed their clothes on the bank of the river and went for a dive in the water, impetuously. After all, it was a Sunday afternoon. During this time, this was the probable place to find the children who would be busy in their own bubble, swimming, hitting, and diving in the river. The pitter-patter wouldn’t stop until it’s 5 in the evening. And if one of the mothers (at least) doesn’t come, they wouldn’t be back until 8 in the night. Courtesy – their grumbling stomachs. And next day being the start of the week and a weekday by default, each child is put into their bed or rather forced into it.

The morning, afternoon and the evening are the resting periods for the grandparents. But not so in the night. This is the time when they have a full on duty. And the sad part is- you never know when your job would be done. It’s never pre conceivable. It’s all in the minds and specifically in the eyes of their grandchildren. If the child finds the story boring they would fretfully remonstrate. This would go on till the child is satisfied with the story. If the stories are relatable and good, the child would listen with rapt attention until they doze off dreaming about animals, castles, food, birds, and in some cases ghosts too.

In the case of an adult, though it’s rare that they would listen to a story from their grandmother willingly when the story turns out to be boring or in a sense, bad; they would abstain from fretting over it and would rather act as if listening quite keenly. But children are peevish and would rather sulk and showcase their remonstrance rather than camouflage their fret.

It’s a familiar sight to see the grandmother dozing off when unable to satisfy their grandchildren’s demands. It’s not that they are trying to escape but it’s their age. A mere incessant talk for an hour drains all their energy. When this happens the parents vehemently make the child go to sleep. The child too does it; quite reproachfully. It also depends on how pacifying the dinner was which either makes or breaks the child’s sleep.

The food is hence not only the way to a man’s heart but also the way to a child’s eyes. Accordingly, they either drop or erect. The former is advisable, though.

* Wrote it during my class hour. Courtesy: A boring lecture!(LOL)


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  1. Nice post. I could actually picturize in my head, everything you have written. You have artfully described it all! 🙂 Thank you for reading my posts and for the follow! 😊 Happy writing!

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    1. Thank you. Would love to read more of your works.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, please do read when time permits! I’d love to hear your opinion on the posts I write. 🙂

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  2. Bhavana says:

    It proves “Boredom makes you creative”😊….very well written

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