Perks of being a copycat

via Daily Prompt: Meaningless

*Credits to the uploader for the image.

Knowledge becomes meaningless.

Creativity becomes meaningless.

Exams become meaningless.

Morality becomes meaningless.

Having studied and lived with people copying, when I say life is itself meaningless for these people, I am saying the truth. It does seem harsh, doesn’t it?. But nobody ever said the truth was sweet.

Throughout my life, I have done hard work and attained my knowledge and gained a position. But there have been some people who copied and attained more than me. Professionally they are termed as ‘Plagiarists’.

Some argue by saying that copying improves creativity. In that case, wouldn’t it mean that thieves are much more creative?. Some might say yes. But that’s where morality comes into the picture. And in that point, plagiarists lose.

We must understand that the goal isn’t the most important thing. The path we choose and follow to attain it is more important.

When you copy, you also lose your individuality. Uniqueness becomes meaningless. Imagine such a world where everyone is same like a xerox copy. Horrible, wouldn’t it be?

To all children and adults, copying may seem like an easy way out but it will make your life meaningless and leave a bad stain on your character. Be truthful to yourself and do hard work.

*Note: To all children. Exams are kept in order to test our knowledge. Copying will not take you anywhere. And don’t worry about the marks. When you do hard work, success is guaranteed. About the title, some people believe that having no meaning is a perk!


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  1. Sangbad says:

    a curious name you have…will soon go through your posts…thanks for following…

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    1. He he. Thank you so much.

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  2. True…and we keep seeing such pictures in news channels….mass copying….they copy…even without knowing what they are writing….very strange… But I have seen….such people either fail at the very next step…or sometimes later….its the character that wins….at the end….

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    1. Yea… true. Thank you for ur comment.

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  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you…I too live in a world where everyone else around me copies without hesitation..even the brilliant ones. They don’t value hardwork, and they rather earn undeserved success through easy ways. And the teachers are blind too! It’s so shameful..
    I had once written a post as a personal protest against plagiarism and copying. I’ll be glad if you read it:
    It’s a rather emotional post…wrote it immediately after having experienced injustice and unfairness caused by copying done by others.

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    1. Will read it. Thanks for your valuable views.

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      1. My pleasure 😊

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  4. Wow. Very interesting interpretation! Very true also.

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    1. Thank you so much. Yea. Happens in most of the places.

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  5. Esther says:

    I agree with the post. When you copy, you lose your individuality.
    Exams are annoying nevertheless

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    1. Ha ha. They are sometimes. Thank you for your comment.

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