It’s not that complicated…

Daily Prompt:  Loop

Loops remind me of the “For, while and do while” loops in computer programming. Though I am not specialized in computer science, I have always loved programming. I chose it in my 11th and 12th grade as an alternative to Biology, and have never regretted it.

I still remember the first time I entered the computer lab. I was quite scared. There were so many codes to remember. But as days passed, it was imprinted on my mind and came off like a mother tongue ( As long as I was in touch with it). I even tried programming for a game. I had to stop it in the middle due to time constraints.

I believe anyone can conquer the art of coding. But remember to have faith and practice regularly. I say this with experience.

In my second semester of college, we had computer programming as a compulsory course. My friends from Bio stream felt it difficult. I saw how they had already given up learning it because they thought they could never do it. In the end we the computer streams helped them and most of them came out with flying colors.

Therefore, whatever happens, never give up. Life isn’t that complicated. At least coding isn’t.

*Credits to the image uploader.


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  1. I was bio-pcm during 11th and 12th…But, being a physics major student, I had programming courses in college…I have always loved coding…and I’s really fascinating!

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    1. Thank god you had it in ur college. Or else would have missed the beautiful art that coding is. 😊

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