via Daily Prompt: Partner

A few minutes in the railway station was all that was needed. Right then, all I wanted was some time alone. But a crowded station could never provide the solitary that I needed. The thoughts were suffocating as were the people waiting for the arrival of the train. I was so lost in my reverie that I failed to notice the station clearing away just like the leaves being cleared by the wind.

My eyes fell upon the lone figure, lying down on the railway track. Sleeping peacefully, as if the track was the softest cushion. Another announcement went above my head. It was a while before I realized a train coming on the same track. I saw a white flash somewhere in the corner of my eyes and instinctively, threw the nearby stone at the dog. It got up in an instant and jumped over to the platform. Suddenly the dog started barking. As I glanced behind, there was a trolley carrier speeding towards my direction. My reflex actions saved my legs and so did the dogs bark.
And every time after this incident we saved each other. Be it a complicated situation, a life threatening event, our bond was as strong as the one between nature and earth. Nourishing each other and monitoring the well-being of each other.
From being solo we became partners for life.

*Dedicated to scooby ❤


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  1. Sangbad says:

    Scooby your pet?

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    1. Yea. A pug. ❤️


      1. Sangbad says:

        Okay…say Hi to him…

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  2. Yuvi's Buzz says:

    Hi acuriousbadam, I have nominated you for the Leibster Award. Check it out here. .

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