Sun and clouds

via Daily Prompt: Delivery

Shadows disappeared.
Sun hid and took with it
the essence of light.
I was all alone
walking in the familiar path
with an unfamiliar emotion.
The Overwhelming feelings
overtook my legs
making them a bad locomotory organ.
They took me to a land
where trees didn’t exist,
water was absent
and the sun still
couldn’t see the earth.
Like a miracle,
a drop of water fell on my chin
forcing me to look up
locking up my musings.
So occupied was I with the sun
that I forgot the beauty of the clouds.
The sky was dark
close to night.
The sun hadn’t been fully covered yet.
After a moment,
the clouds gave a loud, sharp sound
tearing up my eardrums in the process.
Delivering the little pearls of
happiness, life and light itself,
Clouds began disappearing.
The sun rushing in through the few remaining clouds,
lighted up the land.

Maybe, the clouds
make the sun more valuable
for what worth is the sun
without a little darkness.

  • Credits to the uploader for the picture.

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  1. Bhavana says:

    Amazing and beautiful,
    really good work

    Liked by 2 people

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